Dead or Alive 5



Language | Oyun Dili : English
Release Date | Çıkış Tarihi : 2012
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Dead or Alive 5 marries its signature fighting style with MMA fighting techniques to deliver a major kick for players new and old. Visually striking scenes from around the world blended with a hard-hitting cast puts players in the roles of the cast of Dead or Alive fighters once again. In DoA 5, stages act not only as visual backdrops to accompany a fight but instead play to a fighter’s strengths. As a fight progresses, the backdrop will change and interact with players. Skilled fighters will be able to utilize these dynamic stages to execute hard hitting blows, pitting their opponents against new obstacles creating a unique experience that will leave you breathless.With each battle executing a new level of involuntariness, the fighters themselves have become more complex in their design. In Dead or Alive 5 players will be able to feel more involved in the action as they see their fighters sweat as they exert more energy. Players can also kick up the competition in online multiplayer modes where fighters must
learn to utilize their strength and weaknesses to K.O. challengers.


P R E S E N T S  :
Dead or Alive 5 (c) Tecmo
Region      : PAL                  Languages: English
Size        : 01 x DVD              Genre    : Fighting
Platform    : XBOX 360              Date    : 09-2012
Release Info:
In DEAD OR ALIVE 5, players will once again take on the roles of the cast
of DEAD OR ALIVE fighters in an intense, action-packed brawler set in
visually striking locations from around the world. The famed DOA
hand-to-hand combat returns, supported by completely new 3D stages that
update the series' characteristic style with a fresh look and feel
DOA5 stages are more than spectacular visual backdrops, instead playing to
a fighter's strengths. As a fight progresses, the backdrop will change and
interact with players. Skilled fighters will be able to utilize these
dynamic stages to pit their opponents against fresh obstacles to create a
new fighting experience. This fusion of combat and dynamically changing
backdrops is a formula for the evolution of fighting games as "Fighting
With a sensual yet realistic style, DEAD OR ALIVE 5 characters are rendered
in incredibly lifelike detail. From smooth, lithe muscles to emotive facial
expressions, every character comes to life. Characters can even perspire as
they fight, with realistic depiction of wet skin, damp hair, and moist,
semi-translucent clothing as the match progresses
Along with a rich array of single player modes including story mode, DOA5
offers new online options with arcade-style matches, tournaments, and
social features. Players can be paired into one-off matches or work their
way up the leaderboards for the honor and prestige of competing with
players from around the world for top spot on leaderboards
No longer content to be eye candy with a deadly kick, the female fighters
of DEAD OR ALIVE 5 show a whole new level of character and style. The
unique style of each fighter, both male and female, will be accentuated by
their individual personalities as they battle with a new look and feel for
an intense new generation of DEAD OR ALIVE combat
Intense DOA Fighting: DOA5 expands the signature fighting style for
which the series is known with a variety of new martial arts techniques and
Realistic and Sensual Graphics: Characters come alive with a new visual
style combining stunning realism with a warm, naturalistic feel that
conveys every facet of each character-from raw power to sleek sensuality
Dream Lineup: Play as Ryu Hayabusa, Hayate, Ayane, Kasumi, and Hitomi
as well as numerous additional characters yet to be announced
Interactive Blockbuster Stages: More than a backdrop, spectacular
locations from around the world provide a changing and interactive showcase
for deadly battles
New Special Moves: Use power blows to interactively trigger the Danger
Zone of a stage, including crashing cars, collapsing glaciers, and an
exploding oil rig-distract your opponent or drive him into danger
Online Battles: A full-fledged online experience awaits players that
allows for both beginners and experts to compete head to head in a variety
of playing fields and battle modes
Enjoy This Fine COMPLEX Release

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