Mathworks Matlab R2013b (x64)

MathWorks announced Release 2013b (R2013b) of its MATLAB and Simulink product families. R2013b delivers new analysis, design, code generation and implementation and other features in MATLAB and Simulink, two new Polyspace products, as well as updates to 79 other products.

Highlights include:

MATLAB Product Family

- MATLAB: Data types for mixed-type tabular data, and ordered and unordered categorical data
- MATLAB Compiler: Revamped MATLAB Compiler app and automatic download at install time of version-compatible MATLAB Compiler Runtime
- Statistics Toolbox: Linear mixed-effects regression models
- Database Toolbox: Fast access to ODBC connections via a native ODBC driver
- Instrument Control Toolbox: Communication with integrated circuits using SPI protocol
- Financial Toolbox: Mean-Absolute Deviation (MAD) portfolio optimization
- Trading Toolbox: Support for CQG Integrated Client API and Interactive Brokers TWS API
- Image Processing Toolbox: GPU acceleration, working with PCT, for 22 additional functions, including bwmorph, edge, imresize, and medfilt2
- Mapping Toolbox: Web map display with dynamic base maps from OpenStreetMap and other sources

Simulink Product Family
- Simulink Editor: Enhancements including transparent subsystem preview, line crossings and "comment through" blocks
- Simulink System block: New block for incorporating MATLAB System objects in Simulink models
- Simulink hardware connectivity: Arduino enhancements including support for Mac OS X, Arduino Ethernet Shield and Arduino Nano hardware
- Simulink models: Native modeling of single-precision designs
- Simscape: Block libraries for modeling thermal liquid systems
- SimPowerSystems: Block libraries based on Third Generation technology, fully utilizing Simscape capabilities
- Simulink Verification and Validation: Requirements linking and traceability for MATLAB code

Polyspace Product Family

- Polyspace Code Prover: A new product for proving the absence of run-time errors in software
- Polyspace Bug Finder: A new product for identifying software defects via static analysis

System Toolboxes for Design in MATLAB and Simulink

- Phased Array System Toolbox: C/C++ code generation support with MATLAB Coder
- Computer Vision System Toolbox: Camera calibration functions and app

Code Generation and Implementation

- HDL Coder and Embedded Coder: Integrated C and HDL code generation and workflow support for Xilinx Zynq and Zedboard
- Simulink Coder: Creation of multi-level password protected Simulink models
- HDL Coder: Support for user authored MATLAB system objects and incremental code generation for Model Reference blocks
- MATLAB Coder: Support for 64-bit integers, software-in-the-loop (SIL) verification with Embedded Coder, and probability distributions in Statistics Toolbox
- Fixed-Point Designer: Long long integer data type for efficient simulation and generated code for 64-bit processors
- Simulink Code Inspector: Support for Stateflow objects and classic action language

R2013b Release Highlights: _ _5360

R2013b Product List:

Simulink 8.2
Aerospace Blockset 3.12
Aerospace Toolbox 2.12
Bioinformatics Toolbox 4.3.1
Communications System Toolbox 5.5
Computer Vision System Toolbox 5.3
Control System Toolbox 9.6
Curve Fitting Toolbox 3.4
DO Qualification Kit 2.2
DSP System Toolbox 8.5
Data Acquisition Toolbox 3.4
Database Toolbox 5.0
Datafeed Toolbox 4.6
Econometrics Toolbox 2.4
Embedded Coder 6.5
Filter Design HDL Coder 2.9.4
Financial Instruments Toolbox 1.2
Financial Toolbox 5.2
Fixed-Point Designer 4.1
Fuzzy Logic Toolbox 2.2.18 -
Gauges Blockset 2.0.8
Global Optimization Toolbox 3.2.4
HDL Coder 3.3
HDL Verifier 4.3
IEC Certification Kit 3.2
Image Acquisition Toolbox 4.6
Image Processing Toolbox 8.3
Instrument Control Toolbox 3.4
MATLAB Builder EX 2.4
MATLAB Builder JA 2.3
MATLAB Builder NE 4.2
MATLAB Coder 2.5
MATLAB Compiler 5.0
MATLAB Distributed Computing Server 6.3
MATLAB Production Server 1.0.2
MATLAB Report Generator 3.15
Mapping Toolbox 4.0
Model Predictive Control Toolbox 4.1.3
Model-Based Calibration Toolbox 4.6.1
Neural Network Toolbox 8.1
OPC Toolbox 3.3
Optimization Toolbox 6.4
Parallel Computing Toolbox 6.3
Partial Differential Equation Toolbox 1.3
Phased Array System Toolbox 2.1
Polyspace Bug Finder 1.0
Polyspace Code Prover 9.0
RF Toolbox 2.13
Real-Time Windows Target 4.3
Robust Control Toolbox 5.0
Signal Processing Toolbox 6.20
SimBiology 4.3.1
SimDriveline 2.5
SimElectronics 2.4
SimEvents 4.3.1
SimHydraulics 1.13
SimMechanics 4.3
SimPowerSystems 6.0
SimRF 4.1
Simscape 3.10
Simulink 3D Animation 7.0
Simulink Code Inspector 2.0
Simulink Coder 8.5
Simulink Control Design 3.8
Simulink Design Optimization 2.4
Simulink Design Verifier 2.5
Simulink PLC Coder 1.6
Simulink Report Generator 3.15
Simulink Verification and Validation 3.6
Spreadsheet Link EX 3.2
Stateflow 8.2
Statistics Toolbox 8.3
Symbolic Math Toolbox 5.11
System Identification Toolbox 8.3
SystemTest 2.6.6
Trading Toolbox 2.0
Vehicle Network Toolbox 2.1
Wavelet Toolbox 4.12
xPC Target 5.5
xPC Target Embedded Option 5.5

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