Creed Arena



Language | Oyun Dili : English
Release Date | Çıkış Tarihi : 2011
Crack : Dahili Crack
Uploaded By Aykut_K (28 Nisan 2011 )

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Are You Not Entertained? Become a futuristic gladiator and impress the crowds with your skills. Feed off the spectator’s cheers to unleash your CROWD RAGE! Switch between top-down and over-the-shoulder camera modes. Compete in unique challenges like Collect the Kegs, and Survival. Fight your way up the popularity chart, and become the most honored gladiator to ever live. Gladiator, I salute you!

Creed Arena is a sci-fi shooter that allows the player to switch between top-down and first person modes. The player fights other gladiators in front of thousands of spectators with the goal of becoming the most popular fighter in the tournament. When enough fans are won, your “crowd rage” is unleashed, an intense rampage that makes you bigger, faster and more powerful. The game includes unique weapons such as the lightning gun and plasma cannon, 16 arenas and intense action fighting solo and with computer allies.

• switch between top-down and first person modes
• unique weapons
• 16 arenas
• fight solo or with computer allies


• Windows XP/Vista/7
• DirectX 9c
• 2 GHz
• 512 MB RAM

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