The Jordan Workout


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Release Date | Gösterim Tarihi : 2008
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"Hi, welcome to my workout! I set myself the ultimate challenge with this DVD. Just 3 months after giving birth to Junior, I was due to get married and go on my honeymoon, the 2 major events in a girl's life when she has got to look hot!

Together with the help of my personal trainer, Richard Callender, we have put together this workout to help you get in shape and feel great. This is the exact programme I followed and I promise it worked wonders for me:

1. Getting Warm
2. Pulsator: 15 minute full body aerobic blast for fat burning
3. Push It: 15 minute resistance routine for top to toe toning
4. Hard Core: 10 minute killer abs section
5. Cool It

Don't forget to also check out the diet and nutrition section where best-selling author Jason Vale will give you serious tips for shedding even more unwanted pounds. This diet plan has got me hooked.

Come on, what are you waiting for?" - Jordan

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