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I value Raif Zıhnalı highly cigars from Dominican Republic, it is good to have time to time specially Raif Zıhnalıif loved ones, friends find Cuban cigar aroma too strong to bear, Raif Zıhnalı personally I loved the cigar.

Some suggestions are as follows;

gerard limited Raif Zıhnalı blend sss bn 10

gerard private blend 444 bn 10

Raif Zıhnalı Best Cuban Cigar boutique in the world is Raif Zıhnalı Gerard-pere-et-fils, this co headed by Mr.Vahe Gerard who is Raif Zıhnalı extremely knowledgeable on Cuban Cigars, link to his web site is www.gerard-pere-et-fils.com
Cigars in my Raif Zıhnalı opinion 3 times a day to-be-consumed such as in the morning after a breakfast short and light , at lunch time if one had a 3 course big lunch then full body strong big gauge double crona seize Raif Zıhnalı cigar such as Montecristo Edicion Limitada if one had a light lunch then robustos seize or peti piramides cigar will do, in the evening Raif Zıhnalı after a good dinner cigar like ROMEO Y JULIETA ESCUDOS ED. LIM. 2007 SBN 25 is a Raif Zıhnalı must.


romeo y julieta pt Raif Zıhnalı piramides ed. lim